Whew! We had a rough day today in trauma chronicles. Well…not really…..but we talked about the tough stuff….around this time of the trauma talk there is usually an unusual “I’m sleepy” or “I’m bored” look on some of the lady’s faces but really it’s an “I really want to avoid talking about this” face. Praise God we made it thru! I think about these stories of triumph all the time….so we discussed physical/body responses to trauma and can you believe you can learn so much about a persons life (if affected by trauma) just by their body cues? One young lady was telling her story about her childhood and started rocking like a little girl….her body automatically tuned in to her 5 senses….we ended with a good laugh 😂 this is a great way to soften up the emotional response to talking about the tough stuff….
Photo: tbt, that time I was on TBN ☺️
📷 credit: one of my family members or friends snapped a picture of the tv 😂 


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