I wanted to share and ask a question: Just yesterday I had a mini moment of frustration. I was talking with a colleague and I was asked had I finished a project that I have been working on for months. I was hesitant but I said “no” and I don’t like to make excuses so the only “explanation” I had was that the project was a “MOUNTAIN” (I used the exact words) and I got discouraged but I planned to pick back up this weekend to get it done. For a quick moment I thought to myself if I was truly planning to get it done…
Interestingly enough, this morning I got a text from someone that read: Good morning and give God the glory, and the word today is do not let your mountain block your vision today, just speak to it.
I almost fell out my seat reading the text because it was exactly the response I needed! God has a way of doing that. So this is motivation and encouragement for me.


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