Survivor vs Overcomer 

Survivor vs Overcomer A client who has been in treatment for at least 6 months continues to run into road blocks in her recovery. She has a heavy past engulfed with abuse, neglect, and severe drug abuse. For a long time she thought she was going to die on the streets. She spent several times in treatment and now it’s her 4th or 5th time and while she is doing well she is still in “survival mode”. Survival mode is when someone can’t stop living or reacting based on survival skills alone. Although they have been pulled out of their situation they tend to think that every confrontation is an attack on them personally. Teaching someone how to overcome this means to teach them how to apply other skills and take the guard down just a little. This comes with time and trust. In the end my words to her was “Baby girl you are safe now. You don’t have to survive but live! Take a deep breath and embrace LIFE. Everyone is not out to get you. ” 😉✌🏾️


Rough day in trauma

Whew! We had a rough day today in trauma chronicles. Well…not really…..but we talked about the tough stuff….around this time of the trauma talk there is usually an unusual “I’m sleepy” or “I’m bored” look on some of the lady’s faces but really it’s an “I really want to avoid talking about this” face. Praise God we made it thru! I think about these stories of triumph all the time….so we discussed physical/body responses to trauma and can you believe you can learn so much about a persons life (if affected by trauma) just by their body cues? One young lady was telling her story about her childhood and started rocking like a little girl….her body automatically tuned in to her 5 senses….we ended with a good laugh 😂 this is a great way to soften up the emotional response to talking about the tough stuff….
Photo: tbt, that time I was on TBN ☺️
📷 credit: one of my family members or friends snapped a picture of the tv 😂 


In this POP era (Pursuit of purpose) we can easily get lost in the wrong POP (pursuit of popularity). While God has designed for us to have a purpose in LIFE, He can care less about how popular you are. On this Sunday, as I grow and reflect on Gods provision for my LIFE. I think about how important it is to stay humble and put God first in EVERYTHING I do. 😁 


I wanted to share and ask a question: Just yesterday I had a mini moment of frustration. I was talking with a colleague and I was asked had I finished a project that I have been working on for months. I was hesitant but I said “no” and I don’t like to make excuses so the only “explanation” I had was that the project was a “MOUNTAIN” (I used the exact words) and I got discouraged but I planned to pick back up this weekend to get it done. For a quick moment I thought to myself if I was truly planning to get it done…
Interestingly enough, this morning I got a text from someone that read: Good morning and give God the glory, and the word today is do not let your mountain block your vision today, just speak to it.
I almost fell out my seat reading the text because it was exactly the response I needed! God has a way of doing that. So this is motivation and encouragement for me.

Looking for your purpose?

Yesterday, one of the ladies I work with asked me “How do I know what my purpose is” and I answered the question unlike any other answer I’ve seen. I believe that media, celebrities, and popular or public figures highlight Purpose as this goal to “be famous” and stand out. But with God, that’s not it at ALL. We have to be careful not to mix up our purpose with a desire to be in the spotlight. While it is a good idea to BE GREAT, and it may involve other people, it doesn’t require an audience. If you are looking for your true purpose in life, begin with serving God. Once you get that down, you will soon realize that every single day you are walking in your purpose and you don’t even have to try. 😉15871518_1170261939748685_5880794828384647747_n