Take the mask off

So, during a recent group discussion on emotional abuse, one of the participants said “I believe that no matter what, we will all wear mask” (then tried to say she was speaking for herself). Never the less…the impression is that when we are severely hurt in our lives we mask it to cope and so much so to the point that we lose ourselves in the midst. Yet some people believe that if they have been masked they will never be able to peel back enough layers to freely be themselves.

And…this is where I come to say….don’t let the enemy tell that lie to you! It’s so many Victim’s deservant of a life free from the woes of their past and can FINALLY take that mask off and be who God made them to be! While the process may be slow and uncomfortable in the end you will LOVE the skin you are in!

So I say to all of my mask wearers. TAKE THAT MASK OFF AND SHOW US WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE! šŸ˜‰

No More Victim. I Want The Victory out NOW!